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{2019}AxE Alliance vs Empire 1.01.01 Mod Apk -1.1.1 Diamonds Trick/Tip Plays

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AxE Alliance vs Empire 1.01.01 Mod Apk


Axe Alliance vs Empire as a powerful punch of Nexon in the mobile gaming market in general and MMORPG genre in particular after a long time "silent silence".
Making hasty reviews after only a few minutes of brief experience has never been a good idea, especially with mobile games based heavily on the plot like MMORPG. But with Axe Alliance vs Empire , that's a completely different story.Officially unveiled last week, Axe Alliance vs Empire was a powerful punch of Nexon in the mobile gaming market in general and MMORPG genre in particular after a long time "quiet silence". Some say that Nexon's latest game is just a copy of Lineage 2: Revolution is no less, but you might think differently after having this pretty exciting experience.

Basically, you will start with choosing your faction in the game: Alliance (good faction) or Empire (bad side). Each party will have 3 unique character classes, along with their own skills, as well as different attributes and match approaches.

AxE: Alliance and Empire is really a copy of Lineage 2: Revolution?

Excessive details in the storyline are always factors to omit in MMORPG games in particular and mobile games in general. It doesn't give you too much really useful information regarding the events that take place during the game, and it can even take you a valuable time if the publisher "is not." Love "forgot to add the Skip button on the screen.After a period of accumulated experience and increased levels, you will have the opportunity to unlock many new topics, items and tasks. Besides the fierce battles in the dungeon along with the intense PvP skirmishes, the appearance of the guild area is also an essential element for players, especially in the period. First time when you need to upgrade a lot of equipment.

Another plus of Axe Alliance vs Empire compared to the same genre is a relatively impressive piece of graphics. The way to portray characters as well as build a fairly reasonable context is what players can feel after a few minutes of experience of the game. However, compared to what MU Origin and Lineage 2 achieved when they were released a few years ago, Axe Alliance vs Empire still needs to improve and change a lot if you want to overcome or at least match your shoulders. with my predecessors.As mentioned, Axe Alliance vs Empire still needs to improve a lot if you want to get rid of the "game of Lineage 2 remake". In the short term, perhaps taking the time for Lineage 2 or enjoying the cult of Old School Runscape will help you stay inspired with MMORPGs, at least until Nexon gets its breakthrough elements in the next update.In conclusion, Axe Alliance vs Empire may not be as appealing as rumors but it is a promising and promising game. Waiting for the positive changes that the publisher can bring in the future, and also do not feel too surprised if AxE has a unique position in the future with the right development strategies.

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