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யாருக்கும் தெரியாத 8 ரகசியம் | Top 8 Awesome Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS

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யாருக்கும் தெரியாத 8 ரகசியம் | Top 8 Awesome Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS

#1 Make Pop up Window for Multitasking

#2 Whats App Tracker


#4 Gboard Clipboard Option

#5 Volume Button Mapper

#6 Live Caption

#7 Telegram Shedule Message

Bonus Trick : Phone Answer Method

#8 GBoard Voice Typing

In this video we see about best android tips and tricks that really useful when you using your mobile in your daily

1 using this trick you can use multiple application as a popup window also you can resize any application in your mobile without using any application you can do this.

2 in this trick you can track any friends number they are really in WhatsApp online or not after setting your friend number in this app whenever your friend came online or offline it will show notification.

3 Price History allows you to check historic price charts for millions of products from multiple stores. Track price of products with Price History. You'll be notified whenever the price drops from your set price.

4 in gboard settings you will have clipboard option when you enable this you can able to copy multiple text in multiple website example I will copy my url again I copy any of the text in websites again I will copy some of the URL it will automatically save all copy text files in gboard now you can easily paste in any chatting application all the text using gboard.

5 using this useful application you can set multiple shortcuts just using your volume button example when I click my volume button up side double time my camera application is open if I watch my YouTube I click volume up and down button now YouTube goes landscape and portrait also when I click volume up and down button application is open when I click volume down button double time Bluetooth option is on this way you use your volume button multiple combination set any shortcuts in your mobile.

6 when you turn on the live caption option in your settings play any video in any social media applications if they talk in English you cannot able to understand means the live caption option able to find out what they are speaking and transcribe the words live on your screen that way you are able to understand easily.

7 now a days many of them using Telegram application in telegram we have option call to schedule example you have to wish your friend for his birthday exactly on 12 so in telegram after writing your message hold the send button at least few seconds here we have option called scheduled message once you click that you can set any date and time and click ok so that means the message will not send immediately the message will send on particular date and time.

Bonus Trick : when you riding your bike wearing Bluetooth headset using this trick when you receive a phone call it will tell your caller name in your bluetooth or headphone that means you can able to easily understand who call on your mobile when you driving you sing your Bluetooth headphones.

8 in gboard we have option called speech to text option meaning of them I didn't use this full option in this you can type any message just we speaking also any language like Tamil Hindi Kannada Telugu Malayalam any language you want.

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