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D-BAT Mustangs Roundup 2011

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Highlights from the historic 2011 season for the D-BAT Mustangs, one of America's top amateur baseball clubs, located in North Texas, and spreading across the country. In 2011, 2 former D-BAT players, Dylan Bundy & Archie Bradley, were selected 4th and 7th in the first round of the Major League Baseball Draft, more than 65 D-BAT Mustangs players earned college commitments to play college baseball, Tyler Collins, the junior college player of the year was also drafted by MLB. In 2011, the D-BAT Mustangs won 3 national championships and played in the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, NM for the 4th year in a row. Former D-BAT pitchers, Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) & Jordan Walden (Angels) pitched in the Major League All-Star Game, and Clayton Kershaw won the NL Cy Young Award, the Gold Glove, & MLB pitching's triple crown, most wins, most strikeouts, and lowest ERA. He also promoted Kershaw's Challenge to raise money to build an orphanage in Africa. Also meet You Tube sensation Domingo Ayala.

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