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EPIC SEVEN Guild War PVP [Kluri MVP - Alexa Kise Cidd Schuri Angelica] F2P Gameplay (Epic 7 GW #23)

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Epic Seven Guild War PVP TwT Vs. Nursery - Running speed single target group compositions, cleave setup as well as element bait sustain setups, gameplay with Falconer Kluri (MVP), Alexa, Celestial ML Mercedes, Kise, Diene, Cidd, Schuri and Angelica in Epic 7 as a Free to Play player.

Thanks a lot for watching and Subscribe for more updates! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AstranoxTV

Epic Seven (Epic 7) gameplay review for this free Android/iOS mobile game in HD 1440p and 1080p with audio commentary. I will make more Epic Seven gameplay reviews since I'm enjoying the game so please stay tuned!

Epic Seven gameplay reviews which eventually leds to strategy guides with tips & tricks and HowTo's all done by being a free to play player (F2P) which means I don't spend any real money (RMT) to show you if the game is playable and enjoyable that way!

#Astranox #EpicSeven #Epic7

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