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Grim Dawn - Ghol's Summoner - Tomb of the Watchers.

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The Ghol's set is the first set I completed where I was really excited to try and see what I could do with it. I may have went alittle tanky with it, but I feel like the pets do enough DPS without help from me.

I still play PoE, but like alot of people, the Synthesis league really killed the game for me, so I have been playing Grim Dawns new expansion, and having a ton of fun with it.

I left the ending in the vid because I do enjoy the story of this game, and maybe someone will be curious too.

Here is a link to my character.


if you dont have the Ghol's set, this build wouldnt be good to follow, as the set really defines the build. Just take this as an example, not so much a build.

The game is on Steam, and I really recommend the 2 expansions as they really do add alot to the game. The game is offline, but you can play with friends if you create a private server.

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