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MANEATER - 25 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References

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Maneater is a game I had been interested in for a while and guess what? Its actually pretty good! Oh, and it also has a boat load of Easter eggs so join me today as we check out 25 Easter eggs, secrets & references in Maneater!

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This video features 25 Easter eggs from the shark rpg Maneater, these

Maneater Spongebob Easter Egg
Maneater Pennywise IT Easter Eggg
Maneater Demolotion Man Easter Egg
Maneater Cthulhu Easter Eggs
Maneater Hook Peter Pan Easter Eggs
Maneater Titanic Easter eggs
Maneater UFO Easter egg
Maneater Arrested Development Easter egg
Maneater Happy Gilmore Easter egg
and more!

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