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PS4: 10 Console Secrets Everyone Missed

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Everything YOU need to know about Sony's PS4 that you've missed over the Playstation consoles lifespan! Gameplay, secrets, hidden trophy's including the duelshock!

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As we all anticipate the arrival of the PS5 this winter, it’s time we all cherish our last months with PS4 and get the most out of the console. Learn some secrets you’ve never tried before, some shortcuts not published in the official manual, and cool ways to ensure your PS4 always stays online.

Sick of using the D-Pad to type your way through searches or chat? Well, we offer MULTIPLE options to avoid the annoyance and save you a TON of time in the process. Nostalgic for the old days of Playstation? Well, we know a way to completely change the system start-up process and kick things old school. Love to use the microphone on the PS4? Well, we have some secret settings and voice commands to completely change the way you game. The PS4 doesn’t just connect to Wi-Fi, you can actually connect to hotspot connections through your cell phone. Now, this is only recommended for those with unlimited data plans -- otherwise you’ll be racking up way too many gigs of extra charges. So join us at TheGamer as we unleash all of these PS4 secrets you may have missed. Enjoy them all before you ditch your PS4 for the PS5 this autumn!

By the end, you’ll have completely mastered your PS4 and can share these tips with whoever you sell your console to so you have more spending money for the PS5. And hopefully a bunch of the tips work with the PS5 -- including a fun way to use Nintendo Switch controllers with your PS4 games.

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