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RockStars - A KDA POPSTARS Cover and Fan Edit Project

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This project was a lot of fun and could not have taken place without the wonderful content of Riot Games, Siegfried Song, Wee SungHun, and Friedrich Habetler.

We were introduced to Siegfried Song's wonderful voice after watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and finding his vocal in the power ballad cover of Moon on the Water; which was unexpectedly riveting.

Moon on the Water (Power Ballad Version) BECK ANIME COVER

It wasn't long after, that K/DA POP/STARS caught the attention of the League of Legends fans in my family and soon we saw that Siegfried had published a cover version and the next thing I knew was that we had a video editing project to bring two genre's of music together into one video; Rock/stars and K/DA POP/STARS.

Remnants of Pentakill - Rock/stars (K/DA - Pop/stars Cover)

K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends

This project was created under Riot Games' "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

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