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SaBo-FX - Lust (HD 1080p)

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Song title : Lust
Music : SaBo-FX
Video remix : SaBo-FX
Models : Hillary Fisher & Jennie Reid

Thanx for watching! Hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think! Please leave a comment and/or thumbs up...

Listen to the music on either a headphone or some big ass speakers (to fully enjoy the baseline).
Watch the video in 1080p for the ultimate audiovisual experience!

Music Background info:
This song started out as a remix of one of the themes from the movie Tron. But when I played around with the chords it became something completely different. I'm not sure how to label it in terms of music style. All I can say is that I'm quite happy with the result and hope you are too.

Video Background info:
The two girls in this video are just breathtakingly beautiful. For me they both are in the same league as my favorite Bethanie Baderstscher (model from my video 'f yeah'). I find it pretty rare to see women who just by one glance can melt you down. Kinda scary, wouldn't you agree?
I chose the title/theme 'lust' as it seems like a very natural feeling towards these girls.
Being a happy atheist I get to have a go at the Bible's frustrating way of dealing with this topic. While most religions try to convince you of the hidden evil, I would rather suggest celebrating 'lust'. It's the pure raw animal instinct that has driving billions of years of evolution.
Funny how looking at these angels would almost make me believe there must be a god 8-)

Credits / disclaimer:
First of all, let me credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage in this video! I'm pretty sure that the video plays a large role in introducing my music to a worldwide audience. For several reasons, I had to cut out most the 'cracks and nipples' from the original footage. But apparently not enough, for it was banned from youtube. However, the original footage was even kinkier. I don't need a lawsuit from Playboy. But, don't let me stop you from downloading the uncensored video from the playboy website. This requires a paid subscription. (just so you know)

Download high quality MP3 versions of all my trax for free (including the music of this video):
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Or check out the music at my SoundCloud webpage: http://soundcloud.com/sabo-fx/

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Don't forget to visit my YouTube channel to check out my other productions. The website www.sabo-fx.net currently redirects your browser to my youtube channel. A personal website will be up and running sometime in the near future.
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Audio/Video software used: (no hardware synth)
* Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3
* Adobe Audition 3
* VST Re-FX Nexus 2
* VST Stylus RMX
* VirtualDub 1.9.9
* Adobe After FX CS5.5
* Trapcode plugins (for After FX)
* ffmpeg
* mencoder

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