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Status after 1,5 years in Hero Girls League - 23rd gameplay

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Hero Girls League (Pocket Fantasy) 23rd gameplay

I am back now and will upload reviews and gameplays, pref. of new and hopefully gr8t games... :)

Still I just cant stop play this game... so here are my 23rd vid' with l8est status update after 1,5 years of playtime!

First vid´from this game were recorded: 7 december 2017.

U can follow my progress - in the game - thru the month by checking out the earlier vids' from this game.... :)

Btw: DOWNLOAD IT!! :):) ...and choose same server as I use... ;)


Version in vid' is, released January 26 2018.


Hero Girls League has changed name from Pocket Fantasy on Android. Still old name in Itunes..

Hero Girls League is a classic anime turn-based role playing game combined with tactics and strategy, in which you can collect, upgrade and evolve more than 300 cute girls, and challenge with millions of game players around the word.

More than 300+ cute anime girls with unique skills are waiting for your collection.
Multiple ways to upgrade your hero girls to super powerful battle girls.
3 evolution forms are available, which level can you achieve?
Tactic gameplay:
Play Hero Girls League with your own unique tactics and get final victory.
Free Rewards:
Abundant free rewards and gifts are waiting for you.
Endless adventure:
Endless adventure mode brings you much of fun!

Install Now and Duel with your Opponents!


Download on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.league.herogirls

Download on Iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-fantasy/id1312739834?mt=8

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