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  • 05:09 UP3 Unit 3 Video Essay

    UP3 Unit 3 Video Essay

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    Boddy, Kyle. "The Facts Behind Long Toss." Driveline Baseball. N.p., 28 Jan. 2013. Web. 18 July 2016. Castrovince, Anthony. "Anthony Castrovince: Long-toss Routines for Pitchers Gaining Traction across Major League Baseball." Major League Baseball. N.p.,

  • 16:06 Популярные D-BAT Mustangs Roundup 2011

    D-BAT Mustangs Roundup 2011

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    Highlights from the historic 2011 season for the D-BAT Mustangs, one of America's top amateur baseball clubs, located in North Texas, and spreading across the country. In 2011, 2 former D-BAT players, Dylan Bundy & Archie Bradley, were selected 4th and 7t